This week we launched our first print campaign! The #bheard campaign for value comparison site Bheard.com was launched with the help and collaboration of Grand Visual, Talon Outdoor and Forrest Group media in Glasgow.

The striking creatives, written by Sir John Hegarty and Neil Patterson, are deliberately designed to stimulate participation and conversation, and provide a platform that gives people a voice, not only in the city of Glasgow, but across the UK. They come at a time where the polls have continually got it wrong, think Brexit and Trump, and more needs to be done to listen to what the people of this country truly think and feel. B.heard aims to fill that gap and facilitate necessary change.

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The Garage launches 2nd Advert!

We're very proud and excited to be releasing our second advert - for one of our newest incredible companies, SimbaSleep.

Working from the strange fact that traditional Mattress companies seem to think all anyone wants to do on a mattress is sleep, just think about it...

Sir John himself has showcased the tests Simba hybrid mattresses undergo and suggests the other uses they are tested and eventually what they're used for, enjoy!